A Youth Team That Rocks

InfinityGreece is a place made for new creators,full of challenges ,new experiences, the best associates and everything you need for you to make the first steps.

If you are one of them, you are in the right place!


What is the volunteering program of InfinityGreece?

Through this unique experience, young people develop soft & hard skills in Digital Media, while expanding their network of acquaintances, preparing for integration into the work environment and helping to activate more and more young people in the city, leaving their own positive impact. .

Why should I join the InfinityGreece team?

Here you have the chance to challenge and be challenged! To learn from past members that occupied the same possition as you do now, to come in contact with social media, to lead a team, to advertise a project, to succeed and fail in a safe and protected enviroment,fitting for experimentation. An enviroment where you will be given guidance, coworkers and netting.

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Which department can I join?

We believe that in order to really get to know digital media, one must come in contact with 3 different departments: Content Creation, Management & Technology. At InfinityGreece you can deal with any of the above groups you wish, or why not, in the long run to gain experience in all the above fields. In detail, the groups are: 


Radio, Blog, Photography, Web TV, Marketing


Human Resources, Academy Training Platform, Event Management (TeamX), Youthwork


Web Design/Development

What is TeamX?

Team X is a new project with unknown challenges coming from the volunteers of InfinityGreece. It is a team that is formed to organize a specific project and is disbanded after it's completion. This way the volunteers take part in organizing only the events that they are trully interested in, while also developing their leadership skills!


What do I need to know?

The participation costs 20 € per year for the support of the facilities, the equipment and the administrative expenses. It includes training and counseling, use of space and equipment as well as networking with active young people or professionals in the city. In addition, free participation in educational programs such as "Teamwork in Digital Media" and "Summer Training" is included. Also included are discounts at partner stores and businesses and access to the InfinityGreece Academy training platform.

Are you intrigued?Do not wait any longer.