InfinityGreece is a place made for new creators,full of challenges ,new experiences, the best associates and everything you need for you to make the first steps.

If you are one of them, you are in the right place!

What is the volunteering program of InfinityGreee?

It is an experience built to help you learn and progress

What do the InfinityGreece volunteers do?

Through cooperation, volunteers develop soft & hard skills in digital media, while also meeting new people, preparing for their introduction to a work enviroment and contribute to the engagement of more and more young people in the city, making their own possitive mark.

Why volunteers and not trainees?

The target of the voluntary club of InfinityGreece, other than the development of it's members, is the creation of events that leave their mark in the city. Every idea can come to life, every event has something beautiful to offer, like "Pick a smile" for the international day of happiness or "Volunteers' Talent" for the volunteers of Thessaloniki. See more  here 


"The team, other than skills, has gifted me with countless beautiful moments. I started as a blogger trying to do something creative with my free time and soon i was given te chance to develop my ideas and tr my hand at managing human resources. Three years later, i am glad that i took that risk."
Aggela Vasiloudi
HR Manager 2015-2018

Why here?

Here you have the chance to challenge and be challenged! To learn from past members that occupied the same possition as you do now, to come in contact with social media, to lead a team, to advertise a project, to succeed and fail in a safe and protected enviroment,fitting for experimentation. An enviroment where you will be given guidance, coworkers and netting.

What teams can i join?

We believe that for someone to trully experience digitam media, they have to come in contact with 3 distinct subjects. Content creation, Management and Technology. In InfinityGreece you can take up any of the above you want, or why not, gain experience in all of them and in time be ready to found your own media portal!

The teams of InfinityGreece


Content Creation

Radio, Blog,Photography, Video ή Marketing


Human Resources, Academy Training Platform, Event Management (TeamX)


Web Design/Development

"After graduating high school i knew i was going to look for a team in order to develop my character and gain experiences. I am very happy that i came across InfinityGreece and managed to learn the magic of radio and journalism, that became hobbys that i have even today and are an irreplaceable part of my identity."
Lampros Karavidas
Radio Producer 2014-2017

What is TeamX?

Team X is a new project with unknown challenges coming from the volunteers of InfinityGreece. It is a team that is formed to organize a specific project and is disbanded after it's completion. This way the volunteers take part in organizing only the events that they are trully interested in, while also developing their leadership skills!

What oportunities arise through InfinityGreece?

The management of the volunteering program is done by the volunteers themselves according to the hierarchy at the time under the supervision and guidance off InfinityGreece. Joining the club costs 15 euros anually for supporting the establishments, the gear and management expenses. It includes training, the use of the studio and gear and also netting with active youth or businesses of the city. Furthermore free participation in training programms like "Teamwork in Digital media" or "Summer Training" is included. Also it includes discounts in cooperating shops and companies and accesss to the training platform "InfinityGreece Academy".

"When i joined InfinityGreece i used to speak too fast and not make any sense. Being in the radio team, i managed to overcome that problem and improve my speach. I learned to cooperate with completely different people and to manage the ocational crisis better."
Giorgos Kosmidis
Radio Manager 2016-2018
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