Teamwork in Digital Media

What is it?

The goal is, through the program, for the volunteers to understand the importance of teamwork in Digital Media and to undertake projects either real life or virtual. Through this practice, the knowledge they will gain will help them in their subsequent experience in the organization and acquire the ability to advance to positions of responsibility. A program for young people and students with an appetite and a sincere interest in digital media. The training program lasts 8 weeks and covers a total of the following teaching units: Introduction & Value, Proposition Canvas, Photography, Video, Radio, Blog & WordPress, Marketing & Social Media, HR & Public Speaking, Project & Event Management

Why does it happen?

The new training program of InfinityGreece for the volunteers of the organization has a duration of 8 weeks where through innovative and interactive seminars you will acquire the soft and hard skills required to make a difference in your field! Whether it concerns HR Management or Content Creation & Marketing, the seminar presenters will become your personal mentors! This program promises to introduce you to the media and give you stimuli to discover your inclination

Who is organizing it?

Participation in the program is free ONLY for members and volunteers of InfinityGreece.

Where does it happen?

At the office of InfinityGreece.


It takes place between October and December and lasts 8 weeks .

Accompanying material