Discover the story behind InfinityGreece

How it all started

It was October 2014 when a group of young people timidly decided to join forces and bring change to the youth community of Thessaloniki. Initially the project was intended to be a youth media portal, which hosted online exclusively its own content such as radio shows, videos and student articles. In the process, however, InfinityGreece evolved into something more substantial. 

The young people who come into the arms of the team, are not here exclusively to create content, but to learn the media, to meet young people with the same interests, to become an active part of the city and to leave their own impact. Together they create every day from something new, something different!

And so the story continues

  • 1 october 2014


  • 1 december 2014

    After two months of small meetings, our first mass meeting took place.

  • 20 december 2014

    Our first event is a fact, called "Red Xmas"!

  • 11 february 2015

    Our first website is online!

  • 15 march 2015

    We are officially creating subgroups for the first time, as there are more than 20 volunteers in the group.

  • 7 may 2015

    We receive our first T-shirts.

  • 10 may 2015

    The first Rock’n’all, an institution which continued for three years.

  • 30 september 2015

    Personal meetings: for the first time a form of interviews and filtering of the new members is held, before we welcome them into the team. The HR department has already started working.

  • 17 october 2015

    InfinityGreece sets up its studio at WE!

  • 13 november 2015

    Our first mega-party “Black Friday Horror” at WE with ~500 tickets.

  • 15 december 2015

    Our first volunteer card arrives

  • 11 april 2016

    We were media sponsors and we broadcasted a game from a volleyball team of the Aristotle’s University PHED department.

  • may 2016

    The red carpet was laid in the courtyard of the WE and the Oscars event took place.

  • 13 june 2016

    Screenplay, shooting, editing ready and the first video of the Web TV team is a reality.

  • 23 september 2016

    We are growing and multiplying, with the participation of new members being done through applications for the first time.

  • 2 october 2016

    First meetings for the new semester, this time in groups.

  • 9 october 2016

    The first picnic, for the reception of young volunteers, was organized 

  • 28 october 2016

    We are initiating for the first time the tradition of the article of the month.

  • 5 november 2016

    We make our appearance, for the first time, at TEDxUOM, a collaboration that is expected to be continued.

  • 13 november 2016

    The first presentation of Infinity Greece Academy at Thessaloniki’s City Hall

  • 17 december 2016

    Unacknowledges make their debut at the "RED Xmas Party".

  • 6 january 2017

    We celebrated New Year for the first time all together

  • 10 february 2017

    InfinityGreece's Got Talent: The day of talents has arrived!

  • 7 april 2017

    The first photo of volunteers took place.

  • 7 may 2017

    University of Macedonia hosts for the first time our mass meeting in its campus, since then it supports us every year.

  • 20 may 2017

    We organize, for the first time, the hidden treasure in the city.

  • 12 september 2017

    We are shooting videos for the new "school" year with a trailer, but also bloopers!

  • 1 october 2017

    InfinityGreece moves to the United Societies of Balkans (USB) facility.

  • 7 october 2017

    We are making our new studio in USB.

  • 14-15 october 2017

    The first training weekend takes place with the contribution of: Γατίδης, Pizza Fun, Red Bull, Skag and Σκλαβενίτης.

  • 17 october 2017

    We participate at Team Fair which is organized by the student team Convos.

  • 10 november 2017

    The very first Kitsi Kitsi (yaya) is happening.

  • 11 november 2017

    We organize the first movie night, where after the watching the movie, the viewers participated in an observation quiz.

  • 22 november 2017

    We participated together with other volunteering teams to collect the necessities for Mandra’s habitants.

  • 25 november 2017

    The first bike ride is taking place in Nea Paralia, Thessaloniki, entitled "My Bike Rocks", while for the first time we are making short Christmas videos to promote the "RED Xmas" event.

  • 31 december 2017

    We welcomed the New Year all together, while watching the video we prepared with the best moments of the team for 2017.

  • 8 february 2018

    We all gathered at WE’s backyard and grilled to celebrate ΤΣΙΚΝΟΠΕΜΠΤΗ.

  • 20 february 2018

    Welcoming Party for the new volunteers at Door55, that was our hang-out spot every Wednesday.

  • 7 march 2018

    With the completion of our educational platform “Academy” we held its presentation at Uberdooze.

  • 17 march 2018

    Thanks to our team’s volunteers, the movement “Pinch a smile” comes to fruition for the first time.

  • 19-21 april 2018

    Our facility held educational radio lessons for USB’s ESV participants.

  • 1 june 2018

    We organize ThessBand Fest at WE with six banfs of our city, the Baildsa included.

  • 8 AUGUST 2018

    The little brother of InfinityGreece,, is created, which functions as a media portal.

  • 1 SEPTEMBER 2018

    Our first office is a fact and is located in the city center!

  • 7 OCTOBER 2018

    The first meeting of volunteers in our new office. New semester managers are preparing for the strongest year.

  • 16 OCTOBER 2018

    A new tradition begins, the personal goals: soon mentoring sessions with the volunteers of the organization

  • 26 OCTOBER 2018

    Isomat puts the color, we set the mood and our office is filled with young people who are splashing the walls that will host us in the coming years

  • 4 NOVEMBER 2018

    Our first seminar in the new space is for photography, and it is free for the young people of Thessaloniki.

  • 8 NOVEMBER 2018

    Something beautiful is being born, today is the day of the first "Teamwork in Digital Media".

  • 16 NOVEMBER 2018

    Lancom brings Internet to InfinityGreece

  • 12 DECEMBER 2018

    We are organizing our first blood donation

  • 21 DECEMBER 2018

    New Year's Eve at our office is the best way to greet our members for the holiday season

  • 31 DECEMBER 2018

    A rewind is displayed ... different from the previous one. With new columns and a lot of work, the volunteers present a student production to change the time youthfully.

  • 16 JANUARY 2019

    Our first day in open schools is a fact, we work with Ya Impro bringing new activities for parents and children.

  • 10 FEBRUARY 2019

    Night falls on the office ... and everyone is playing board games!

  • 23 FEBRUARY 2019

    The training weekend becomes winter for the first time and we spend the night in camping facilities with fireplace, snow and a lot of training!

  • 1 MARCH 2019

    We participate in TeamFair by ComVoS with all the student groups of the city!

  • 12 MARCH 2019

    The founder of InfinityGreece talks in an AIESEC educational activity about the importance of communication

  • 16 MARCH 2019

    The pre-event of "Pinch a Smile" starts from Harry's Spot where we prepare our smiles and the big puzzle that will be set up in the white tower

  • 20 MARCH 2019

    The first "pinch a smile" with comedians and many activities takes place at the WE multipurpose space with the support of KEDITH

  • 1 APRIL 2019

    You were fooled! InfinityGreece deceived its fans with the official announcement of the opening of new offices in another city. Thank you for your support.

  • 11 APRIL 2019

    Our most troll volunteers finally find their real hangout, InfinityMEMES

  • 21 APRIL 2019

    Thess Got Talent goes up to the WE multipurpose space and gives young people the opportunity to showcase their talents.

  • 11 MAY 2019

    Thessavros comes to life with USB, a hidden treasure game.

  • 19 MAY 2019

    Our OSCAR awards. An evening dedicated to the volunteers and their contribution to the team
  • 24 MAY 2019

    Journalism students of IEK DELTA 360 were hosted by our organization and were informed about our volunteer programs and our actions
  • 18 JUNE 2019

    The program Using Social Entrepreneurship in Erasmus + implemented by the National Coordination Unit Erasmus + was implemented
  • 8-12 JULY 2019

    The Summer Training took place. A free workshop for Infinity Greece volunteers
  • 1 AUGUST 2019

    We participated in the youth exchange "YOUTH WIN! Youth workers improving youthwork now", where in collaboration with KEDITH we trained Greeks and Swedes on video production
  • 1 SEPTEMBER 2019

    We started the campaign "To volunteer for you", where we reached 150 thousand young people
  • 21 SEPTEMBER 2019

    Together with Youthnest and MATH we participated in the European Mobility Week
  • 6 OCTOBER 2019

    We organized the Volunteer Picnic in the park of Anthokomiki, with the kind sponsorship of todaylicious
  • 10 OCTOBER 2019

    We co-organized FASI! Festival of Alternative Thessaloniki's Initiatives. A daily information festival
  • 24 OCTOBER 2019

    As every year, we welcomed our new volunteers to the Rehab Pub
  • 31 OCTOBER 2019

    The cycle of seminars / workshops "Teamwork in Digital Media" took place
  • 8 NOVEMBER 2019

    In collaboration with Origen we organized the Kitsi Kitsi Party for the 5th time
  • 9 NOVEMBER 2019

    We started the cycle of workshops for career development
  • 14 NOVEMBER 2019

    We closed 5 years of operation and celebrated it without precedent.
  • 1 DECEMBER 2019

    We presented to visitors through Open Infinity, the actions and the teams that make up InfinityGreece
  • 10 DECEMBER 2019

    We co-organized a free seminar on digital marketing & youthwork tools
  • 13 DECEMBER 2019

    RED Xmas Party. For the 6th consecutive year, the most Christmas party in Thessaloniki
  • 15 DECEMBER 2019

    We ran our own marathon at with over 20 participations
  • 18 DECEMBER 2019

    We were accepted in the reConnect program of the Hellenic Design Center
  • 9-19 DECEMBER 2019

    We collected food and essentials for the "Child's Smile"
  • 14 JANUARY 2020

    We set up online production for the 3rd consecutive year in order to review 2019
  • 19 JANUARY 2020

    The first meeting of volunteers for 2020
  • 13 FEBRUARY 2020

    Welcome Volunteers Party. Like every year, this year at Rehab Pub
  • 15 FEBRUARY 2020

    Training Weekend. A two-day training and information for young volunteers
  • 20 ΦΕΒΡΟΥΑΡΙΟΥ 2020

    Volunteer Smelly Thursday at WE
  • 1 ΜΑΡΤΙΟΥ 2020

    The debut of our organization in an ERASMUS + mobility program
  • 6 ΜΑΡΤΙΟΥ 2020

    Our first PAJAMAS party at the WE multipurpose space

  • 8 ΜΑΡΤΙΟΥ 2020

    Game Night. A habit that was loved and established
  • 20 ΜΑΡΤΙΟΥ 2020

    The first electronic happiness festival with performances by stand-up comedians

  • 22 ΜΑΡΤΙΟΥ 2020

    We set up our own volunteer meeting server, based on the pandemic situation
  • ΑΠΡΙΛΙΟΣ 2020

    We organized an anti-racism campaign, with the impact of informing at least 15,000 users
  • 24 ΜΑΙΟΥ 2020

    We made the report of the season we spent, but without omitting the InfitOSCACRS

  • ΙΟΥΝΙΟΣ 2020

    We organized a series of in-house webinars on HR and crisis management within the team

    We redesigned and, and we also welcomed our new volunteers

    Επανασχεδιάσαμε το και το, αλλά υποδεχτήκαμε παράλληλα και τους νέους μας εθελοντές

  • 20 ΣΕΠΤΕΜΒΡΙΟΥ 2020

    We were approved with the Quality Label certification for the organization of European Solidarity Corps projects
  • 11 ΟΚΤΩΒΡΙΟΥ 2020

    Ομιλία του ιδρυτή του InfinityGreece στο Youthspeak Forum της AISEC
  • 11 ΟΚΤΩΒΡΙΟΥ 2020

    We organized our now established picnic in the park of Anthokomiki, taking all the necessary protection measures due to a pandemic.

  • 15 ΟΚΤΩΒΡΙΟΥ 2020

    We welcomed our new volunteers and planned the next steps together
  • 16 ΟΚΤΩΒΡΙΟΥ 2020

    Together with Efood we designed the wonderful t-shirts of our volunteers
  • 2 ΝΟΕΜΒΡΙΟΥ 2020

    Μαζί με την United Societies of Balkans διοργανώσαμε εργαστήρια ραδιοφώνου

  • 6 ΝΟΕΜΒΡΙΟΥ 2020

    We participated in the SKG in Action of ACTIONAID HELLAS
  • 19 NOEMBRIOY 2020

    We did the first Digital Volunteer Party
  • 24 ΝΟΕΜΒΡΙΟΥ 2020

    Διοργανώσαμε Digital Campaign για την εξάλειψη της βίας κατά των γυναικών

  • 4 ΔΕΚΕΜΒΡΙΟΥ 2020

    Συμμετείχαμε σε training για οργανισμούς που πιστοποιήθηκαν με Quality Label
  • 12 ΔΕΚΕΜΒΡΙΟΥ 2020

    We organized a free webinar related to Digital Marketing in collaboration with iTrust

  • 20 ΔΕΚΕΜΒΡΙΟΥ 2020

    The first mass online meeting of our volunteers took place

  • 21 ΔΕΚΕΜΒΡΙΟΥ 2020

    InfinityGreece and Mindspace co-host webinars on Entrepreneurship, Personal Branding & Funding Sources
  • 31 ΔΕΚΕΜΒΡΙΟΥ 2020

    We said goodbye to each one individually - because of the quarantine in 2020, full of impressions and wonderful memories.