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Youth Exchange «Steps 4 Human Rights Protection» – 05/11/2022 – 13/11/2022 – Bansko, Bulgaria

Bansko, Bulgaria
05 Νοεμβρίου– 13 Νοεμβρίου 2022
5+1 άτομα 18-30
Κόστος Μετακίνησης
καλύπτονται έως 180€
Διαμονή και Διατροφή 100%
We have come across some very important challenges in relation to discrimination, hate speech,xenophobia and human rights violations growing in the last several years, along with the raisinginfluence of social networks and growing hate speech online thus we as young people felt the need toapproach those challenges. We do strongly believe in the power of young people to change andinfluence other youth and promote human rights thus we would like to engage youth from variouscountries in understanding and promoting human rights. Trough the project we would like to raiseawareness on those challenges among young people, to bring this topic close to them in a youthfriendly and engaging way but also to highlight the role of young people in human rights protectionand activism.The main objectives of our project:-To provide understanding and awareness among young people about Human rights and human rightsviolations-To encourage understanding and knowledge of youth about discrimination, hate speech andcyberbullying as human rights violations-To present Participatory theatre methodology as a way for youth to get engaged and stand up forhuman rights-to empower young people to tackle human rights violations trough participatory approach.
Οργανισμός Υποδοχής
ProVision (Bulgaria)
Κόστος Συμμετοχής
40€ για τον sending organization “InfinityGreece” (δωρεάν για τα ενεργά μέλη και τους εθελοντές του οργανισμού)
Παρασκευή 30 Σεπτεμβρίου 2022 (23:59)

Δήλωσε Συμμετοχή

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