InfinityGreece is a place made for new creators, full of challenges, experiences, good colleagues and everything you need to do your first steps.

If you are one of them you have come to the right place!

What is InfinityGreece’s voluntary program?

It’s an experience designed to help you learn and evolve.

What do InfinityGreece’s volunteers do?

Through collaboration,  they develop soft & hard skills in digital media while expanding their network of acquaintances, they are preparing for their integration into a work environment and are helping to activate more and more young people in the city, leaving their own positive impact.

Why volunteers, not apprentices?

Besides the development of its members, the goal of the InfinityGreece Volunteer Club is to create actions and events that leave their mark in the city. Every idea can be done, every action has something beautiful to give, like “Take a Smile” for the World Happiness Day or “Volunteers’ Talent” for volunteers in Thessaloniki. See more here.


"The team, beyond my skills, gave me countless beautiful moments.I started out as a columnist looking for something creative for my free time and soon I was given the opportunity to develop my ideas and try myself in human resources management Three years later , I'm glad I dared it. "
Αγγέλα Βασιλούδη
HR Manager 2015-2018

Why here?

Here you have the chance to try and try all over again! Learn from previous members who were exactly in the same position as you, get in touch with the media, lead a team, advertise a project, succeed and fail, in a safe and protected environment, suitable for experimenting . In an environment where you will be given guidance, equipment, partners and networking.

Which teams can I join?

We believe that in order to really get to know the digital media we need to get in touch with 3 different objects: Content Creation, Management & Technology. At InfinityGreece, you can deal with any of the above areas, or perhaps not, in the long run, to get the experience of all the above pieces and later to be ready to set up your own media portal!

The InfinityGreece’s teams


Content Creation

Radio, Blog, Video ή Marketing


Human Resources, Academy Training Platform, TeamX


Web Design/Development

"I graduated from High School and I knew that I was looking for a team to shape my character and gain experience. I am very happy to meet InfinityGreece back then and I was able to get to know the magic of radio and writing, a hobby I still have today an integral part of my identity. "
Λάμπρος Καραβίδας
Radio Producer 2014-2017

What is TeamX?

Group X, such as the unknown X. A new project with unknown challenges sprang from the InfinityGreece volunteers. It is a group that is formed only to complete the project and dissolves after its completion. As a conclusion the participants take place in the organizational part of only the events that really concern them, while at the same time they develop administrative skills!

What opportunities arise from InfinityGreece? (#HIREME, Discounts etc.)

The volunteer program is managed by the volunteers themselves according to the hierarchy under the supervision and guidance of InfinityGreece management. Youth club participation costs € 15 per year to support facilities, equipment and administrative costs. It includes training and counseling, the use of space and equipment and also free of charge participation in the “#HIREME” and “Teamwork in Digital Media” programs. The annual membership includes discounts on partner stores and businesses and access to the InfinityGreece Academy training platform.

"When I joined InfinityGreece I was talking fast and confusing my words. Being in the radio group, I managed to overcome the problem and make my speech better, I learned to work with people quite different from me and manage better the crises that arise "
Γιώργος Κοσμίδης
Radio Manager 2016-2018