The first ThessBandFest marked the beginning of the summer! It was June 1st in the multi-site WE with 6 bands and more than 20 musicians present at the most summer festival of the city! (We also had LIVE BLOGGING!)

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The bands that participated:

BAiLdSA is a group based in Thessaloniki that combines Balkan sounds, gypsy melodies and post punk aesthetics. The name comes from the Turkish word “bayılmak”), which is widely used in the Balkan villages and with similar meanings as aggression, bugs etc. After they were formed in 2008, BAiLdSA gradually evolved, embroiling their Balkan background with ska, punk, reggae, rap, indie / post-rock and stoner musical influences, resulting in a specific and unique sound. In 2011 the band recorded its first album “United States of Balkans” in Thessaloniki. The album, produced by the band itself, received very good reviews and helped to build a worldwide audience, although the real flame of BAiLdSA appears on stage. Their explosive and energetic shows have led to more than 250 live so far in Greece, Turkey, Cyprus, FYROM, Bulgaria, Albania and Germany, numerous shows at festivals, and support for bands like Kultur Shock, New Model Army and Manu Chao. BAiLdSA, from the beginning of their journey, through their songs and attitude, actively participated in the struggle for social change against racism and fascism. With an expressive vehicle, the band itself is transported from place to place to the message of solidarity and unity. In 2013 the band began preparing the second album “zVarNa”, with producer Nikodimos Triariides. “ZVaRnA”, released in October 2014, is made up of more diverse elements that color balkan ska sound with more blurred indie soundtracks. The new album leans towards a more crude, punk rock-alternative sound, while retaining the band’s soundtrack. Recorded in a more traditional, “old-fashioned” way and blended wholly proportionally, it is composed of nine fresh tracks, reflecting the compact sound of the band and its energy on stage. In October 2016 the band released the e-single “Balkan Express (Ride the train)”. With this release, they began composing and recording their third album. Baildsa’s staff: Thanos Gountanos – Guitars Yannis Goutanos – Tympanas Yannis Vamvakas – Accordion, Keys Dimitris Hailidis – Trumbetta Giannis Ioannidis – Baso

“KAZOO” is a 7-member band, formed in 2011, based in Thessaloniki. In their performances, “KAZOO” combines the tradition of the violin, along with more intense elements such as ska, reggae & hard rock, having significant influences from “LOCOMONDO”, “Manu Chao”, “Ska – P” etc They have performed several songs, such as “I Dont Lose”, “Tek – Tack”, etc, and with their own songs they won the first place in STR8 Forward, 2013, managing to compose their first single with SONY Music .

In the summer of 2013 they completed their first tour in various parts of Greece. The culmination of their musical career was their first record, released in 2015.

“KAZOO” in their many appearances, we met them at the A21 Campaign Fest, against Trafficking, with LOCOMONDO, at Kytta Live, Athens, at the European Music Festival, 2012-2013, Thessaloniki etc. The Kazoo consists of the outstanding musicians: Panagiotis Doris – Voice, Acoustic guitar Antonis Teneketzis – Voice, Acoustic Guitar Theodorou Ilias aka Treleles – Violin Apostolis Sitaras aka Sit – Electric Guitar Christos Gaila – Bass, Vocals Anastasis Voukklarakis – Drums Nikos Tara – Saxophone, Keys

“Influenza” is a Rock n Roll, Garage Rock & Surf Rock band with strong influences from 60’s Rock n Roll, Ty Segall and others, founded on January 1, 2013, based in Thessaloniki.

They have performed a lot of lives inside and outside Thessaloniki, have participated in music festivals such as “GREENWAVE FESTIVAL”, while they can also “succeed” on the radio by giving interviews (nowhere radio).

“Influenza” consists of: Apostolos Trikaliotis – Guitar Apostolos Mitakides – Voice, Guitar Vangelis Skouras – Basso Giorgos Anastasiadis – Drams, Vocals

“Low Treble” is a Rock Band, which was formed in 2008 in Thessaloniki.

Since then, they have performed a lot of lives in various shops in Thessaloniki, mainly in the “Basement”, while they have also been in a stage in Xanthi. Their first recorded track is titled “The Stray,” which was released in 2016.

Significant moments of the “Low Tremble” musical journey were their collaboration with other bands like HoiPoiFarplaneWind and many more!

For the dynamic presence of “Low Treble” “are responsible”: Hades G. – Paul T voice – Drasmus Laskos K – Bass Tolis A. – Guitar

5M is a relatively new Alternative Prog Hard Rock band from Thessaloniki, which was set up in early 2015.

She performed in a short time – September, 2016 – “to be heard” with her first single, which is titled “9th Year Of A Dream”, and recently she managed to carry out her first complete work, also known as “Mirror Prison “, Which includes 4 new hits!

Since then, 5M have appeared at several events and festival (later and at ThessBandFest), inside and outside of Thessaloniki, while a significant step in their musical career was their participation in the Battle of the Bands.

And of course, the 5M (live) band is always coming to life: Yannis Patmezaris – Pantelis Kargas voice – Guitar, Voices Jason Anexiadis – Guitar Nikos Vadakis – Basso, Voice Theodore Anastasiadis – Drams

2015. It’s one more September night. Two boys and one girl sit in Navarino Square. They want, they say, to start something collective in music. Drumer one, guitarist the other, vocal or third.

So it happened. Soon, two others entered the bay and, under the milky light of a rehearsal studio, 180 pairs were born!

So far, the band has presented cover songs with foreign and Greek lyrics and always with its own stigma, clearly influenced by soul, blues and alternative rock repertoire. Since September 2016, she has also started experimenting on her own musical material.

In December 2016, she recorded her first demo for the original piece “White Canvas”. In mid-2017, after a guitarist’s departure, another member, who took over the keys, was also onboard. Now he continues to do what he enjoys most: playing music in the scenes of Thessaloniki and composing his own pieces. Cheers!

The 180 pairs are:

Magda Mermitime: Voice

Panos Vassiliadis: Guitar

Dimitris Zisopoulos: Bass

Vasiliki Theodosiou: Keys

Kostis Kotsonis: Drams