Bringing Quality in Youth Exchange Projects

Training Course

09 - 15 September 2021

Tsaf Tsouf Campsite

About the Project

Project Idea

QYEP is a Training course which will gather in Thessaloniki, Greece 24 higly motivated participants (NGO managers/Youth Exchanges Coordinators and Youth Leaders) from 11 youth organisations coming from 10 European countries (Greece, Italy, Romania,, Hungary, Portugal, Bulgaria, Spain, Estonia, Latvia, Slovenia).


Based on Non Formal Learning principles the working methods will be simulation exercises, multimedia presentations, work in groups, discussions and lectures, experiential learning, cooperative learning, shared responsibility, etc.)

European Countries
Youth Organisations

Aim & Objectives

Quality?Y.E.P. – Bringing Quality in Youth Exchange Projects, aims at developing the overall capacity of youth organisations to effectively manage youth exchange projects cofunded with the support of Erasmus + grants. 

Quality?Y.E.P. – Bringing Quality in Youth Exchange Projects, aims at developing the overall capacity of youth organisations to effectively manage youth exchange projects cofunded with the support of Erasmus + grants. We wish to achieve the goal by means of successively implementing the following objectives

  • Equipping participants with better understanding of the EU funds and how to apply these to the youth sector around Europe.
  • Creating a toolbox of well-proven as well as new and innovative methods/tools/ideas/ trategies, etc. for effective projects management.
  • Exchanging and drawing learning outcomes from the best practices in the areas of youth exchange projects management as already exercised by the partner organisations, to offer space for sharing of experience and exchange of good practices.
  • Ensuring on going support and advice to youth workers
    wishing to effectively manage their projects workload.
  • Providing space for networking and ideas development for
    the sake of creating future projects between the partner promoters.
  • Increasing the level of youth participation, through effective
    project management and the creation of new partnerships
    and/or Youth projects.
  • To identify the need and the possibilities for networking between organisations as a mean for sustainability, development and synergies.

The Venue

QYEP took place in Orfani Kavala, Greece at Tsaf Tsouf Campsite between 09 – 15 of September 2021. All participants were accommodated at the campsitel https://www.tsaftsouf.gr located at 98th km of Thessaloniki, Kavala.

Participants stayed in rooms with participants from different countries but same gender. Workshops took place at the accomodation facilities. Meals were served at the campsite made by professional catering.


Olga Kyriakidou

Olga Kyriakidou is an experienced trainer and youth worker based in Thessaloniki, Greece. In 2003 with other active young people established the NGO “Kids In Action”. Since 2009 she is delivering as a free lance trainer, seminars, training courses, contact making events for youth workers, educators, teachers based in non formal education methodology and tools while in 2012 she is completing the circle of Training of Trainers of SALTO. In 2017 she is completing the full circle of Training of Trainers in Human Rights Education of Council of Europe.
CV: www.trainers.salto-youth.net/OlgaKiriakidou


Davide Fumi

Davide Fumi is a trainer and youth worker based in Italy. He is active in the youth field since 2006 and at this time he is developing his trainer competences by participating in the SALTO Training of Trainers while this year he is selected by the Italian National Agency as epresentative to the pilot project of YOCOMO a cycle of 3 residential trainings based on the Youth Workers Competence Model and its implementation.

The Timeline

Thursday 09/09
DAY #1
Arrival of the participants
Friday 10/09
DAY #2
Introductions, Getting to know each other, Expectations, Building the Team, NGO Fair, Intercultural Night
Saturday 11/09
DAY #3

ERASMUS+ Youthpass Presentation, Youth Exchanges and Projects Teams, Hands On Work, Bonfire at the Beach

Sunday 12/09
DAY #4

Results and Monitoring, Feedback, Intro for During, Hands on work, Presentation of Youth Exchange results

Monday 13/09
DAY #5

Results, Monitoring and Feedback, The Value of Evaluation (PDCA Game), Hands on work, Pool party

Tuesday 14/09
DAY #6
Presentations of developed projects ideas, space for partnership building, ERASMUS+ opportunities applications, Mobility Tool & Reports, Youthpass evaluation, closing, Farewell party
Wednesday 15/09
DAY #7

Departure of Participants

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What happened in this Erasmus?

An active community specializing in digital media!

InfinityGreece is a creative youth organization started as a non-formal students group inThessaloniki in 2014. The purpose of our activities is to help young people acquire soft and hard skills in digital media. This is accomplished by involving our members to content creation on Radio,Articles, Video, Photography and Marketing, Management in Human Resources and Projects, and Technology in Web Design and Web Development. Within the development of the above features, we create the foundations and teachers formal and non formal learning programs. With the development of the above features we create volunteer and educational, formal and non-formal, educational programs.


What the participants said...

“ This training course in Greece is probably one of the best summer experiences I have had. Everything there - the atmosphere, the people and the camp itself were great and made me feel free and careless. I also made a lot of new friendships and I was introduced to different cultures. The topic of the course was interesting to me and I’ve learned more about youth exchanges and Erasmus + programs. Overall I'd love to go there again because of how happy I felt there.” - Reneta Chkarowa, Bulgaria
Farkas Kinga
" Last week I was lucky enough to participate in the training course QYEP (09/09-15/09), which was held in Orfani Kavala, Greece at Tsaf Tsouf Campsite. It was my first experience taking part in such an international event! I’ve met participants and great people from Hungary, Bulgaria, Italy, Latvia, Slovenia, Greece, Portugal, Spain, Estonia with whom we trained in facilitation and created a project of youth exchange, discussing how to consume the results effectively to society. Every day was different from each other and surprised us with pleasant emotions. I am very grateful to InfitityGreece for such an amazing opportunity to meet new people, gain a lot of useful information about youth exchanges and have an unforgettable experience. I will never forget this! "
Anastasia Dorofeeva

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Email us at info@infinitygreece.com or talk to us through our social media.