InfinityGreece announces the “how to” workshop / seminar series. How do I make a successful social media campaign? How do I make my first video? How do I manage my team more effectively?

These and many other unanswered questions will be covered by the new “How to” workshop series, to get you into the world of digital media, and to develop your potential.

See below the “How to …” Workshops that we have organized

Where can I find them?

Workshops and seminars will be announced on social media and website. Stay tuned to learn first

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How much do they cost;

The range includes free and paid courses. The price varies from workshop to workshop.

Who are the speakers?

In each “How to …” we want to bring together the most relevant speakers with experience in the subject of the seminar in order to enlighten the participants with their knowledge and the questions they are likely to have.