Freelancers for a moment!

Hire me: For Youth

At InfinityGreece, we believe in our members and the skills they acquire through our projects and programs! The #HireMe program connects young people with the job market as freelancers!

Hire me: For Business

#HireMe connects those young people who participate in the organization's programs with businesses in need of digital media services as freelancers!

What is #HireMe?

InfinityGreece members are trained, evolving and acquiring soft & hard skills through the projects they undertake for InfinityGreece. Many of them are now in a position to offer their services in the labor market, having sufficiently developed the right skills.

What are the services?

#HireMe connects those who participate in the organization’s programs with businesses in need of digital media services such as advertising, marketing & communication, social media management, web design / development, graphics design, content creation, audio production, video production, photo shooting etc.


How much does it cost?

Each service is priced differently depending on the needs of each project. We are here for you to meet your every need at affordable prices.

What is the process;

Once you’ve contacted us, we’ll make sure you talk more about your project and the needs that come with it. Once we come together with the services you need, we will be staffed with the appropriate partners from InfinityGreece’s team or our wider network of partners. Payments and recruitment are done through our organization and you do not have to spend time on similar procedures.