Pinch a smile

A festival dedicated to the world happiness day

What is it?

Pinch a smile is a festival dedicated to the world happiness day on March 20

Why does it happen?

The purpose of the festival is at first to inform young people about the world happiness day and to point out the significance of mental health.Smiles make our lives more beautiful and they give meaning to our every moment.Let us never forget to smile.Τα χαμόγελα ομορφαίνουν τη ζωή μας, δίνουν νόημα σε κάθε στιγμή. Ας μη ξεχνάμε ποτέ να χαμογελάμε!

Who is organizing it?

 The organizer is InfinityGreece and every volunteer who offer their smiles on that day.

Where does it happen?

"Pinch a smile" is divided into two phases. The Pre event takes place in the city center for example the White Tower. The second phase of the Main event is organized at WE.


Volunteers and managers work together and offer smiles to the city every year on March 20th.