Reach your peak!
youth empowered to learn and discover
Train yourself in Digital Media and discover your pontentials. These series of seminars it concerns you! Did you ever wondered what is your limit? Do you want to expirament in Digital Media but you did not had a chance yet? The new educational program by InfinityGreece for the volunteers of the organization has a duration of 8 weeks. Through innovative and interactive seminars you will gain the soft and hard skills you need to make a difference in your field! Whether it is HR Management or Content creation & Maeketing, the lectures of the seminars will be your personal mentors! This specific program promises to introduce you to this huge world of media and give you the stimuli to discover your inclination. The participation in the program is free ONLY for the members and the volunteers of InfinityGreece.
Soft & Hard skills to get started in digital media

Who is the Target Audience?

It targets you who grew up in the digital generation and people who want to be expirament in a safe and protected enviroment of young people and university students.

How can I participate?

The educational program “Teamwork in Digital Media” is free ONLY for the volunteers of InfinityGreece!

What is the goal?

The goal is the volunteers through this program to understand the importance of teamwork in Digital Media and undertake projects either in real life or virtual. Through this practice the knowledge these people gain will help them in their later experience in the organization and they will develop the ability to move in responsible positions.

A program for young people and university students who are full of excitement, creativity and genuine interest in Digital Media.

The educational program is 8 weeks long and it covers a total of the following modules:

  1. Introduction & Value Proposition Canvas
  2. Photography
  3. Video
  4. Radio
  5. Blog & WordPress
  6. Marketing & Social Media
  7. HR & Public Speaking
  8. Project & Event Management

    A follow-up certificate will be provided at the end of the program.

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