Food & Other Necessities Collection

A festival dedicated to the world happiness day

What is it?

InfinityGreece in collaboration with the Smile of the Child organizes an action aimed at collecting food and basic necessities. It is important to offer where there is a need whenever and however we can.

Why does it happen?

The purpose of the action is the collection of food and basic necessities. During the holidays we all need a little more love and more smiles. Guided by the love for our fellow man, we also offer as much as we can.

Who is organizing it?

The members of InfinityGreece in collaboration with the Smile of the Child.

Where does it happen?

Boxes have been placed in various parts of the center of Thessaloniki. In fact, there is the possibility for someone to visit the InfinityGreece Facebook page and find all the places where they can contribute to this action.


This love contribution lasts from December 9 to 19