Last March we organized the first Festival of Happiness in Thessaloniki!

On Wednesday, March 20, 2019, on the occasion of World Happiness Day, InfinityGreece organized for the second year (this time as a Festival) the “Pick a Smile - Happiness Festival!” at WE! STAND UP COMEDY, INFO POINTS about volunteering and mental health, games, YOUTH ACTIONS and music co-existed in the first Happiness Festival in Greece! The action started earlier on Harry’s Spot (Aggelaki 8) where volunteers and people who wanted to have fun helped make the city a little more joyful by completing a giant puzzle on the White Tower! Of course free entrance! The aim of the festival is to make young people aware of World Happiness Day by highlighting the importance of mental health and to inspire them creatively for a happier life! The Happiness Festival for 2019 was organized with its support KEDITH (Municipality of Thessaloniki Public Benefit). How can I participate in similar actions? Find out here!
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