My Bike Rocks

My Bike Rocks

Ποδηλατάδα στη Νέα Παραλία

What is it?

“My Bike Rocks” is an InfinityGreece’s event, which invites Thessaloniki’s’ youth to a bike ride throughout the town’s shore

Why does it happen?

The event’s main purpose is to promote sportsmanship and the universal use of riding a bike in the city and of course to have fun all together

Who is organizing it?

Powered by InfinityGreece

Where does it happen?

Throughout Thessaloniki’s town shore


25 November 2018 & 31 May 2018

Accompanying material

If you love bike rides, staying fit or just looking for new experiences, this is the event for you. Bring some friends along and take part in a whole new experience, riding along the sea!

Do you like such actions? Become a volunteer 

A rewind of the last bike ride!