Digital Marketing-Free Seminar

Seminar that presents 2 important topics related to Digital Marketing.

What is it?

In the 2 hours of the seminar, 2 important topics related to Digital Marketing will be presented. First of all, Mr. Spyridis will refer to the first steps that someone should take to start in the field of Digital Marketing, as well as some useful tips on how someone can develop his career in this field. Then, the 2nd topic that will be presented in our seminar by Mr. Melis, is how we can manage the social media of a company, as they are one of the main branches of Digital Marketing, and what is their usefulness in its current data COVID-19 pandemic.

Why does it happen?

So as the participants utilize the new technologies and tools around digital marketing in an atmosphere of pluralism and dialogue with experts on the subject and the space in general. 

Who is organizing it?


Where does it happen?

On the Infinity Greece Facebook page via Facebook Live.


On Saturday 12/12 at 18:00

The presentations of the 2 speakers

The presentation of K. Meli

The presentation of K. Spyridis