Digital Anti-Racism Campaign

Racism Awareness Campaign

What is it?

The Digital Anti-Racism Campaign is a campaign we created with the organization's volunteers to talk about racism and its consequences. Racism is a phenomenon that has become part of our daily lives and we do not pay attention to racist events, online or offline.

Why does it happen?

On the occasion of our quarantine during the covid-19 pandemic we wanted to remind our audience that it is important with the so-called return to normalcy, to remember important issues that due to the pandemic we had set aside. The pandemic reminded us that beyond our diversity we are all profoundly the same with the same needs, something we all easily forget.  

Who is organizing it?

It was organized by all members of InfinityGreece after raising awareness during their quarantine stay.

Where does it happen?

Exclusively online! Our campaign "played" on facebook and instagram, gathering over 15,000 unique users, a fact that made us happy after many people became aware of this very sensitive issue.


Designed and implemented in May 2020 during the covid-19 pandemic.