Career Development Trainings

Χτίσε βήμα βήμα την καριέρα που ονειρεύεσαι

What is it?

"Career Development Trainings" is a series of workshops to support young people in their first steps in the labor market. 

Why does it happen?

Participants have the opportunity to improve the way they see themselves and increase their chances of being hired by future employers! The purpose of the new cycle of 4 seminars is to help all job seekers, transferring knowledge and experience so that young people can act even more actively!

Who is organizing it?

Infinity Greece, in collaboration with Elena Teresa Vassiliou, who is executive in a human resources management company. 

Where does it happen?

It took place at the organization's offices in an easily accessible place, in the center of Thessaloniki.


November 2019