“Quality? Y.E.P -Bringing Quality in Youth Exchange Projects 09-15/09/21” Project: Orfani Kavala, Greece

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Last week I was lucky enough to participate in the training course QYEP (09/09-15/09), which was held in Orfani Kavala, Greece at Tsaf Tsouf Campsite. It was my first experience taking part in such an international event! Bringing Quality in Youth Exchange Projects, aimed at developing the overall capacity of youth organizations to effectively manage youth exchange projects cofounded with the support of Erasmus + and EU.

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I’ve met participants and great people from Hungary, Bulgaria, Italy, Latvia, Slovenia, Greece, Portugal, Spain, Estonia with whom we trained in facilitation and created a project of youth exchange, discussing how to consume the results effectively to society. Every day was different from each other and surprised us with pleasant emotions. The first day was Introduction day, the second day was dedicated to the presentation of the tools necessary for writing ERASMUS + Projects. Next day we started exploring the world of Project Writing.

Our schedule was based on NonFormal Learning principles, so the working methods were simulation exercises, multimedia presentations, work in groups, discussions and lectures, experiential learning, cooperative learning, shared responsibility, etc. Also we had an opportunity to communicate with participants from the Youth Exchange “Creativity Beyond Borders” that was also taking part in the Tsaf Tsouf camp, in Kavala. Most of them were from Great Britain, Poland, Italy, Hungary, and Latvia. On the fourth day we were divided into groups, to create our own Project, find the financing, to discuss the future process and all the necessary details.

The last day of a training course was taken up with housekeeping-information on the final, last minute details, and course evaluations. All the participants did their best in the presentations of their own future projects exchanges. I was really satisfied to hear the ideas of my friends and I hope that they will give effect to their plans, because it is worth knowing about it to as many people as possible. 

Of course, the last day was not only about presentations of our projects, but also about saying goodbyes. It was such an emotional and moving evening. Despite the fact that the training course lasted only 5 days, we became a really close and cohesive  community. It was really hard to let each other go. But I’m sure that we will be able to see each other again in the near future.

erasmus testimonials

 This training course in Greece is probably one of the best summer experiences I have had. Everything there – the atmosphere, the people and the camp itself were great and made me feel free and careless. I also made a lot of new friendships and I was introduced to different cultures. The topic of the course was interesting to me and I’ve learned more about youth exchanges and Erasmus + programs. Overall I’d love to go there again because of how happy I felt there.” – Reneta Chakarova, Bulgaria

erasmus testimonials

This was my first Erasmus+ project, and I am so happy to have participated in it. We learnt about how to organize a project and I think this topic is interesting but without our amazing trainers it wouldn’t have been the same. I met many people from Ukraine, Bulgaria, Italy and from other countries as well. The only thing I didn’t like was the fact that it ended way too fast. But I hope it’s not the end, but the beginning of beautiful friendships…” – Farkas Kinga, Hungary

I am very grateful to InfitityGreece for such an amazing opportunity to meet new people, gain a lot of useful information about youth exchanges and have an unforgettable experience. I will never forget this!

Anastasia is a volunteer from Ukraine who joined InfinityGreece via AIESEC Global Volunteer programme.

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