In October 2016, at the City Hall of Thessaloniki, the educational platform “InfinityGreece Academy” was launched. The audience embraced the presentation and participated collectively in creating guides / tutorials, via Google Drive, during the lectures.

One year after the presentation, in March 2018, InfinityGreece organized the presentation of the project “InfinityGreece Academy” at ÜBERDOUZ.

But what is InfinityGreece Academy?

The InfinityGreece Academy is a project that has been running internally for the last year and aims to continuously train young and old volunteers and to share knowledge within InfinityGreece.

Who is it for?

More specifically, it is a platform that brings together educational material on the subjects that InfinityGreece volunteers (content creation, management, technology) are involved with.

The management and development of the content within the platform was undertaken by InfinityGreece volunteers, while the implementation - from a technical point of view - by the team of

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