InfinityGreexe creative youth club started as a university student group in Thessaloniki in 2014

What is our vision?

We dream of a world where young people are more creative. Our goal is that every young person receives creative stimuli and finds a place of expression so that they can develop themselves, widen their horizon and gain experience leaving their mark on local community.

What do we offer?

We provide a safe, protected and guided enviroment, where our memers can train, find coworkers, gear and ever means in order to experiment and develop themselves and their technical skills on media and advertising.

How can that happen?

After completing the basic training, volunteers of InfinityGreece take on projects depending on what they are interested in (video, blogging, web radio, event management etc.) and become a part of the community that systimaticaly works on it and tackle new challenges every day.

What have we achieved so far?

InfinityGreece already has achieved important alliances with sectors o the city like the mayor's of Thessaloniki office (seminar coordination - workshops), NGO like United Societies of Balkans (already counting 11 years of successful activity), buisenesses like WE and oter orginisations (Youthnest, Kids In Action, TEDxUoM) or smaller groups of the city. Common factor of all alliances was to create strong bonds of friendship and respect, which was achieved with all involved parties that saw their common goals accomplished!

What else do we do?

InfinityGreece volunteers are always in the heart of the city! We organise and coordinate events and festivals directed to the youth (e.g. "ThessBandFest", "Pick a smile, "Thessavros" and others). You can find more of our projects if you click here.

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