• 1 october 2014


  • 1 december 2014

    After two months of small meetings, our first mass meeting took place.

  • 20 december 2014

    Red Xmas, our first event took place.

  • 11 februar 2015

    Our brand new website is a fact

  • 15 march 2015

    For the first time we officially create subgroups, since the team has more than 20 volunteers.

  • 7 may 2015

    We receive our first T-shirts.

  • 10 may 2015

    The first Rock’n’all, an institution which continued for three years. 

  • 30 september 2015

    Personal meetings: for the first time a form of interviews and filtering of the new members is held, before we welcome them into the team. The HR department has already started working.

  • 17 october 2015

    We set our studio at WE. 

  • 13 november 2015

    Our first mega-party “Black Friday Horror” at WE with ~500 tickets.

  • 15 december 2015

    Our first volunteer card.

  • 11 april 2016

    We were media sponsors and we broadcasted a game from a volleyball team of the Aristotle’s University PHED department.

  • may 2016

    The event of the Oscars Awards took place at WE’s backyard for the first time.

  • 13 june 2016

    Web TV’s first video.

  • 23 september 2016

    First opening of the application forms for the participation of new members in the team.

  • 2 october 2016

    First meetings for the New Year, this time in groups.

  • 9 october 2016

    Our first pincic

  • 28 october 2016

    We are initiating for the first time the tradition of the article of the month.

  • 5 november 2016

    We make our appearance, for the first time, at TEDxUOM, a collaboration that is expected to be continued.

  • 13 november 2016

    The first presentation of Infinity Greece Academy at Thessaloniki’s City Hall 

  • 17 december 2016

    The Red Xmas has anonymous-unspoken messages for the first time. 

  • 31 december 2016

    We are making a little review in view of the New Year. 

  • 6 january 2017

    For the first time we are cutting the new year’s pie together.

  • 10 february 2017

    We had our first talent’s day.

  • 7 april 2017

    Photo-shoot of the volunteers.

  • 7 may 2017

    University of Macedonia host for the first time our mass meeting in its campus, since then it supports us every year.

  • 20 may 2017

    We organize, for the first time, the hidden treasure in the city.

  • 12 september 2017

    We tape the video for the new year with a trailer etc.

  • 1 october 2017

    We moved in USB’s facility. 

  • 7 october 2017

    We are making our new studio in USB.

  • 14-15 october 2017

    The first training weekend takes place with the contribution of: Γατίδης, Pizza Fun, Red Bull, Skag and Σκλαβενίτης.

  • 17 october 2017

    We participate at Team Fair which is organized by the student team Convos.

  • 10 november 2017

    The very first Kitsi Kitsi (yaya) is happening.

  • 11 november 2017

    We organize the first movie night, where after the watching the movie, the viewers participated in an observation quiz.

  • 22 november 2017

    We participated together with other volunteering teams to collect the necessities for Mandra’s habitants.

  • 25 november 2017

    Our first bike stroll is held at Thessaloniki’s coast, with name “My Bike Rocks”. 

  • 25 november 2017

    It’s the first time we are making little Christmas videos to promote our event Red Xmas.

  • 31 december 2017

    We welcomed the New Year all together, while watching the video we prepared with the best moments of the team for 2017.

  • 8 february 2018

    We all gathered at WE’s backyard and grilled to celebrate ΤΣΙΚΝΟΠΕΜΠΤΗ.

  • 20 february 2018

    Welcoming Party for the new volunteers at Door55, that was our hang-out spot every Wednesday.

  • 7 march 2018

    With the completion of our educational platform “Academy” we held its presentation at Uberdooze.

  • 17 march 2018

    Thanks to our team’s volunteers, the movement “Pick a smile” comes to fruition for the first time.

  • 19-21 april 2018

    Our facility held educational radio lessons for USB’s ESV participants.

  • 1 june 2018

    We organize ThessBand Fest at WE with six banfs of our city, the Baildsa included.

  • 8 AUGUST 2018

    Infinity Greece’s little brother, Infititis is born who is acts as a media portal. Infititis ο οποίος λειτουργεί ως media portal. 

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