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5 tips to find quality project partners

5 tips to find quality project partners

Working in the youth work sector we always came across the issue of choosing quality project partners to collaborate with, based on their skills and their vision. During a project, you come across different needs that you can’t solve on your own. But how can you really choose a partner that will create a strong bond with you?

1. Personal communication with organisation's members

The partner must have a pool of volunteers and trainers to use for the project’s activities (for example InfinityGreece has a volunteering community with more than 150 young volunteers).

2. Relevant experience in the topic of your project

The partner organization must have a relevant experience in the topic of your project for example environment, digital, mental health etc.

3. Digital skills

The partner needs to have digital skills that will enable effective communication and better deliverables.

4. Professional approach to work

The partner should have a professional approach to work:

1) Be open and easily reachable (via phone, email or messaging)
2) Make sure that all the deadlines are met
3) Results/products are relevant and usable, as well as disseminated.


5. International scope

Your Erasmus partner should have an international scope and a wide range of projects. Its portfolio shouldn’t include only Erasmus+ projects but also be active in other range of projects that can open your doors for funding.

Choosing the right project partner takes time and a lot of patience. As an organisation you will come across many opportunities to connect with a variety of individuals, but choosing the correct quality project partners is what will make the difference for your work.

If you have any questions, you can easily contact us or send us an email at

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